Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Organic Cigarettes and Your Health

Smoking organic cigarettes is the current trend amongst the allegedly health conscious smokers. But are these actually safer than the conventional brands of smokes? Cigarette manufacturing companies vouch that although their organic cigarettes contain higher levels of tar and nicotine than regular ones, they are still a healthier alternative because they are made from 100% organic tobacco. Their assurance stems from the fact that organic cigarettes are manufactured from whole leaf tobacco and contain none of the harmful ingredients, chemical additives, preservatives, flavorings or burning agents that are otherwise present in the regular brands. In other words, since they have not been adulterated with reconstituted sheet tobacco or any type of moisteners or stems, organic cigarettes are absolutely natural tobacco products and thus a safer bet for smokers according to the manufacturers.

However, no studies have been conducted as yet to support the reasoning stated above. It really doesn’t matter how you grow tobacco, it still doesn’t change the fact that tobacco contains nicotine. And we all are aware of the ill-effects of nicotine addiction. Maybe organic tobacco is relatively a bit less harmful than commercial tobacco since it lacks radioactive carcinogens present in radioactive fertilizers, responsible for causing 90% cancer cases caused due to smoking of tobacco products. But then, organically grown tobacco contains various other carcinogens that are known to have cancerous effects.

Unadulterated tobacco or an organic cigarette thus does not necessarily imply that it is safe to smoke. To sum it up, inhaling smoke irrespective of which source it comes from is not healthy for anyone.

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