Friday, September 11, 2009

How Effective Will Be Obama’s Health-Care Overhaul?

Obama’s attempt to breathe a new life into the US health-care system is facing mounting opposition. Even though the 2.5 trillion dollar health care system is being made a top domestic priority, conservative democrats and republicans are showing resistance. If we try to judge the industry based on the recent happenings, nothing seems to be right about health care services in the US.

While health insurance companies, hospital managers and pharmaceutical manufacturers are focusing on how the battle between Obama and Republicans plays out, few dedicated health providers are already working for green health care services. Health Energy Alliance connects national associations and leading hospitals in a coalition meant for reducing the operating cost and energy consumption in healthcare facilities. This organization is trying to use advanced technologies for validating efforts of carbon and energy reduction. Practice Greenhealth is a networking organization for institutions in the healthcare community that follow eco-friendly and sustainable health care practices. Members of Practice Greenhealth include hospitals and healthcare agencies that have been dedicated to enhance the health of their staff and patients.

It is notable that several individuals and organizations all over the US are engaged in doing good work to ‘green’ the US health care system. Even though it presents a positive side of the US healthcare in the future, Americans can also hope that Obama’s reforms bring some significant change to the US healthcare industry.

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