Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Should Companies Encourage Health at Work?

Companies all over the world are considering health and safety a top management priority. Research indicates that healthy people are more productive and a productive workforce can do wonders to any business. By integrating health reforms into the corporate social responsibility agenda, organizations are working towards making their work place and community safer and healthier. Since considerable co-operation is required for implementing new health care policies, employees are being encouraged to be pro-active on such issues.

The US government recently introduced a bill which will give financial incentives to working people in the US who lose weight and give up smoking. If employees demonstrate that they have taken practical steps for health improvement, they can enjoy 20% off on health insurance premiums from their employer. Safeway Inc. is one such company that encourages a healthy lifestyle by offering yearly discounts up to 1,560 dollars to employees who meet health measures. The senate bill will help companies encourage their employees to participate in wellness programs by providing them premium discounts. This in turn will help Americans stay healthy and reduce health care costs to businesses and government.

With health and safety becoming a primary concern at work, more companies need to work in collaboration with the government, employees and health care agencies. To establish best practices, serious commitment is required from the top management and employees.

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