Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Promoting Employee Health and Safety

Did you know that absence related to stress accounts for more than half of all sicknesses from work? Health experts are of view that stress related absence can be controlled with a healthy and positive work environment. Employees can deliver their best only when they feel their best. Large as well as small companies all over the world are realizing the importance of promoting a better work environment for their employees.

Companies like Johnson & Johnson offer support services and programs to help their staff lead a better life. According to the management, a safe work environment is good for people as well as their business. Since employees are responsible for developing and improving a company’s products, they deserve good health care facilities. Johnson & Johnson runs an Employee Assistance Program under which employees and their families are offered help in improving their mental health. Their ergonomics program is meant for enhancing the comfort and productivity of the staff.

I work for a company where mental and physical health needs of employees are taken into serious consideration. A healthy work environment has proved beneficial in motivating and improving our productivity. Since retaining good workforce in the 21st century is vital for every business, companies need to invest in health care facilities in order to ensure better performance.

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