Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is Your Kid Safe in the Swimming Pool?

Did you know that swimming lessons are not enough to keep your child secure from swimming pool accidents? Studies have proved that the chlorinated swimming pool water can cause allergies and asthma in kids. Since children spend hours in the pool, swimming and playing water games, they are at a higher risk of getting allergies due to the chlorine added in the pool water. The effect of this chemical on the respiratory system has been considered as bad as second hand smoke. Airways of adults and children get affected by the chlorine present in the air over the swimming pool water.

Ammonia present in body fluids reacts with chlorine and creates a harmful chemical. Chemicals present in the environment around the pool also cause irritation in the lungs, though the symptoms may not be visible in many. Chlorine also puts kids at the risk of getting allergic rhinitis and hay fever. Comparative studies have proved that children who swam in swimming pools sanitized with silver or copper showed no increase in asthma as compared to swimming in pools with chlorinated water. Children with existing allergies also didn’t show any negative changes.

Experts recommend parents to avoid sending their children to indoor pools if they suffer from asthma or allergies. Sore throat and eyes are also signs of too much use of chlorine in the pool water. While chlorination has been considered essential for keeping the pools disinfected, can parents afford to overlook the health risks it is posing to young children?

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